Gerhard Nesvadba

GERHARD NESVADBA  is born in 1941 in Darmstadt, Germany.  At high school his most favourite subject was drawing and his professor was so much impressed by his talent, he offered him private lessons to learn various techniques of painting. His first exhibition was in Stockholm and the criticism was outstanding. Gerhard Nesvadba  is now part of a small group of people who have been taught for years in painting landscapes which can be considered unique in composition, light and colour. He gives you the feeling you want to step into the landscape to enjoy the nice weather and views. His intensive travels through Europe provide him with the love for the landscape.  Price range between e.1700 and e. 2500,-- depending on size.

-The collection you see on the website is on request. I always ask Mr. Nesvadba to present his most recent work so you have the best choice when you are ready to make a choice or he can paint one of the works you see on the website.  They are all oil on canvas. I send the painting in a wooden box. 


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